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The war in Ukraine has been going on for four weeks. According to the Austrian minister, 270,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic since the start of the Russian invasion. He reassured Czech citizens that the Czech Republic was successful in welcoming them. “It’s a success that more than 200,000 people have already registered. We don’t let people we know nothing about pass, we pay attention to security,” he said.

At the same time, he repeated the words of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) that Ukrainian refugees had already fulfilled their Czech capacities. “Czechia is really balancing at the limit of its capacity. We are trying to transfer people from the capital to other parts of the republic,” he said, noting that living in sleeping bags in camps and gymnasiums is not optimal for Ukrainians.

The SPD movement supports the reception of refugees, but only for as long as necessary. According to Radim Fiala, they should not stay in the Czech Republic and return to their homeland after the war. “They must be helped to hide from the war, and the government itself initially said that a large part of the refugees will return home. In Ukraine, they will be necessary for its regeneration, they will be an economic engine ” , did he declare.

He then asked the Austrian that while it is true that most people will not return to Ukraine, the government should say so bluntly and indicate what the government’s plan is. And to clearly indicate what is the tolerable rate of the number of refugees that Czechia is able to accept in order not to disrupt the social, health and educational system of the Czech Republic.

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“Teachers and doctors themselves say they can’t do it and it will be a big problem,” he told the Austrian, which would require quick legislative changes to the law: ” We are saying we have to admit more children into classes than the law allows, so the schools in effect we are saying are breaking the law,” Fiala called on the government to start preparing quickly for these issues.

“If it only costs the Czech Republic money, then that is only the minimum of the whole problem. But even here there will be questions about where the government wants to take it,” he warned. .

The Austrian later said that the government did not invent this war on its own and was not at least as close to Putin as the SPD leader. “The government is dealing with it! We always knew what Putin was!” He didn’t hold back and blamed Fial that Tomio Okamura, on the other hand, was deleting his Facebook profile to erase clues that Putin had been applauded a short time ago. “Yes, he was your president, his references to Putin are gone,” the interior minister said angrily.

According to him, the limit of the absorption capacity and the number of refugees in the Czech Republic cannot be determined at this time. “Now to say that the government is going to take care of it, and to let say the ceiling number of refugees…well, I don’t know what it is,” shrugged the Austrian.

“If the number of people who have fled Ukraine to Europe stabilizes at 5 million, then we will say with a clear conscience that Europe will be fine, and so will we as the Czech Republic. even be a potential development opportunity for our country,” the minister said.

If a dark scenario occurs and 10 million people leave Ukraine, then, according to the Austrian, a solution must be sought at European level. “We would look for a solution at the unpopular European level,” he said within the SPD movement, adding that women and children could be spread in such large numbers across different EU countries.

The moderator then called on Fiala to react to the cover-up of Okamura’s Facebook posts, in which he quoted Putin in the past, noting that he was right. “I don’t know why, you have to ask the president. The facebook is managed by someone who has been in charge of doing it. I don’t think it would be quotes that would be against our citizens, but quotes that would mean peace agreements”, the chairman of the deputies of the SPD did not want to deal with this subject any longer.

Instead, he blamed the government for not yet being able to determine how many Ukrainian refugees the government still intends to accept. “This is the worst news we have heard today – because every lifeboat has a certain capacity, and when it fires it can sink with the crew,” Radim Fiala warned emphatically.

He therefore suggested that the government take the following crucial steps: “It must try to end the conflict in Ukraine and not send arms there. We must agree with other countries to accept refugees, otherwise it can really mean that it will destabilize the Czech system,” he repeatedly warned.

Moderator Terezie Tománková noted that this does not mean that if Ukraine does not receive help in the form of weapons, it will end the war.

“One of the best experts on war is the Israelis; they say it will be better for the Ukrainians if the war ends as soon as a peace agreement is reached. He does not give up, but to meet Russia at the round table. If weapons continue to be sent to Ukraine, they will continue to fight and there will be thousands more deaths,” says Radim Fiala. The host noted that “casualties are caused by the abuser.”

The Austrian reminded that at this moment, even through the Ukrainian ambassador, Czechia is sending a message to the Ukrainian community that Czechia no longer offers such “comfort” as at the start. “The migration wave is not over. Europe is filling up and we are doing everything to make it clear that the situation in the Czech Republic is already serious and refugees will no longer be comfortable here. And the Europe must open up if 10 million people rise from Ukraine.”

He also added that the Ukrainians can also be an opportunity for Czechia. “Logically, more refugees will come to the Czech Republic. And we are preparing a strategy in the areas of housing, education, health and the social system. »

According to him, these people are not economic migrants who seek benefits. “They are not parasites, as some write about them. They are mothers with children. If these children adapt in schools, they learn the language, so in depopulated areas they can be a very interesting demographic asset “Even these women want to work, they do not want to eat our system, but ensure their economic existence”, declared the minister.

“As soon as they work, they will give something back to our whole system. These people will get used to living in the Czech Republic, we will open the labor market to them so that they can enter it on an equal footing and that they are also in highly skilled fields. They will also bring values ​​to our country,” says Vít Rakušan.

Radim Fiala countered with a quote from the Středula union, that “if we think cheap labor is coming to us, then it’s not.” “I am afraid that there will be overpressure in the labor market and that there will not be a social divide between Czechs and Ukrainians and that wages will not be irritated when there is labor cheap labor so that people, for example, don’t wait for a specialist doctor for 9 months,” Fiala said.

“I’m just worried about Czech citizens and I think it’s a legitimate concern. And it should be a concern for you and your colleagues in government,” Fiala pointed out to the Austrian. is, of course it is,” replied the Austrian that the government and ministries are now working on the strategies and will do everything in their power to prevent pressure on the labor market.

The Czech Republic is also in the grip of the energy crisis. The Austrian minister said that among the measures of the package prepared against energy poverty is an increase in the subsistence minimum. “Industry and Trade Minister Jozef Síkela (non-STAN member) will present measures against energy poverty at a meeting of the coalition of five (leaders of the coalition parties) next week. An example of a measure is the valuation of the subsistence minimum. This is a very fast business, because it is an order from the government, ”said the Austrian.

According to him, raising the subsistence minimum will quickly help the most needy households. The subsistence level was last adjusted in April 2020. It is now 3,860 crowns for a single adult. In the family, the amount for adults and children is lower. The conditions for the increase have already been met due to strong price growth.

Another topic of discussion was Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s recent trip to Kyiv.

The Austrian minister welcomed the Prime Minister’s gesture. “The gesture was strong, brave, significant,” he said, noting that not everyone in the security community was excited about the trip. “However, war demands bold moves,” added the Austrian.

Radim Fial expressed the opposite opinion – in his opinion, the trip was strange and a big risk. “Imagine if something happened, what a risk it was for everyone, for the whole region of Central Europe,” he warned, noting that at present, according to him, the prime ministers could have done the meeting online.

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