They claim not to be affected, but the opposite is true – Dá

They may seem indifferent, but they are not!

Eliška was fifteen when her parents told her she was going to divorce. Her father found another woman. Eliška seemed indifferent to the whole situation. Unfortunately, it was only a pose amplified by puberty. The girl wanted to look grown-up and rough – both in appearance and in demeanor. But it was hard afterwards. The parents felt that their teenage daughter accepted everything and solved nothing, so they only dealt with their pains and injustices, often with great emotion. Divorce engulfed them. Before Eliška’s father finally moved, the girl heard many quarrels.

Six months after the divorce, Eliška ended up in psychiatry, injured herself and developed anorexia nervosa. Later it turned out that the girl could not cope with her parents’ divorce, in part she even blamed her. Eliška is not the only teenager to have taken her parents’ divorce very badly. Unfortunately, parents of teenagers often inadvertently contribute to their misunderstanding.

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