The violence in Ukraine is simulated by actors, and the lies spread through the networks. The photos come from elsewhere

MEP Ivan David shares misleading information. They concern biolabs

The article contains a thirteen-second video loop from the social network TikTok, showing the make-up of a young man, who is watched by a make-up artist, and several photos (a photo of make-up, another photo where people in protective clothing white wear the girl and a civilian photo of the young man).

The caption also threatens the two youngsters captured in the footage and photographs that “participation in staged videos of civilian deaths allegedly from war is also a war crime and is indelible. All participants in such filming will be identified and brought to justice when the time comes. »

Pro-Russian Activists and Disinformators Spread Lies

Overall, therefore, the article gives the impression that the images of violence taken in Ukraine today are staged by Ukrainians and that these actors are responsible for them. And that the images of the catastrophic situation in some Ukrainian cities after this year’s attack by Russian troops are not true.

It is in such a context that this contribution began to spread on social networks in the Czech Republic, where it is shared mainly by people who are in their other positions on the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the Russian side and who previously shared various misinformation.

Russia fired on a nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine.  The training center and one of the decommissioned reactors were on fire.

Moscow ends the war started by Ukraine? A Russian speaker distorts the facts

On March 14, 2022, for example, this post appeared on a Facebook profile named Edita Fefe Novotná. As of March 16 this year, the profile had 760 followers and shared Russian propaganda virtually unconditionally. More than 250 other Facebook users took over and spread the post of this profile, both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

The same disinformation is currently spreading in other countries, of course in Russia, but also in Serbia or Hungary. “Western deep state media needs images of injured civilians in Ukraine. This just solves such a problem,” said a Serbian post from February 27, 2022, which was shared over a thousand times in a single daytime.

However, the context mentioned above is intentionally impregnated. The people captured in the video are really actors, but the shots taken have nothing to do with the current situation in Ukraine. This is the documentation of the filming of the Contamin feature film series for Netflix, which took place in 2020.

The producer kicked off TikTok

According to journalists from the Serbian site Istinomer and the Serbian branch of the international news agency AFP, for example, these are production footage from the filming of this series, which is being created in a German-Ukrainian production , whose plot deals with the outbreak of a deadly pandemic. The main producers of the series are Harald Franklin, German director and producer, and Darja Drjučenková, co-owner of the Ukrainian production company Driu Production.

Crossing the border between Ukraine and Slovakia via the Ubla border post

Conspiracy theorists began to “report” on what was happening at the Slovak border. But they lie

As part of the promotion of their work, the two producers have of course posted a number of images from the shoot on various social networks.

The offending video loop, which served as the main basis for the disinformation, was posted on his personal account on the TikTok network on December 28, 2021 by producer Darja Drjučenková. She also added the comic title “Zombie Movie,” which remained in the misinformation post.

The AFP Facts team contacted Drjučenková and the producer confirmed that the offending footage was made during the 2020 filming.

Source: YouTube

“We are filmmakers, so we have a lot of such filming footage,” Drjučenková told AFP in writing, sending him screenshots from his mobile phone, which show other similar stored videos. on his phone on November 14, 2020.

The same wrong format was used multiple times

It is not the first time since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis that fake videos have started circulating on social networks claiming to “reveal” what is really happening.

As the fact-checking site of the Czech branch of AFP pointed out, for example, on March 14, 2022, a well-known lie from the covid crisis has been recycled: a video supposed to “prove” that no one is dead and corpses (whether from Ukraine or from a pandemic) are living actors.

Russian troops in Crimea, this is where one of the Russian attacks on Ukraine is carried out

FAKENEWS: Veil washers became Russian fans overnight

“At a time when Ukraine is battling the Russian invasion and the online space is flooded with misinformation, an alleged war casualty report is circulating on Facebook with a number of apparent corpses covered in black veils in background. However, one of the bodies suddenly moves, which the author of the article reports as proof that the media is lying about the victims of the war in Ukraine,” AFP said. He added that the video had been manipulated: in fact, it was an Austrian television report filmed in early February 2022 during a demonstration during which the demonstrators only symbolically demonstrated deaths caused by air pollution and climate change.

“The subtitles and the journalist’s voice in English were added to the video later and do not belong to the original report at all. The organizers of the AFP demonstration confirmed that they did not even tried to pretend that they were real corpses,” the agency said. He also points out that the same video was released in February 2022 in connection with the covid-19 pandemic, which he stated in advance.

Outdated planes of planes taking part in Moscow during Victory Day celebrations.  However, they are now being shared on Twitter as footage of the fighting in Ukraine, BBC warns

FAKENEWS: Alleged footage from Ukraine often comes from elsewhere, BBC warns

Newspaper against fake news.Newspaper against fake news.Source: NewspaperIn fact, according to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, more than 220 civilians have been confirmed in Ukraine as of March 2, 2022 since the start of the conflict, but the exact number is likely to be “many higher”. She also said she was concerned about the number of civilians who remained trapped in the bombed areas. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said last week that the number of Ukrainians who had left their homeland at that time had reached two million on March 8, 2022.

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