The relationship of Ukrainians to the Czechs has changed, says the ambassador. War will break Putin’s neck, he believes

It took a lot of determination for Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) to get to Kyiv. The situation in the Ukrainian capital is still very dangerous and it is not known when a rocket or a bomb will arrive. However, it was a very important step, which is also perceived by the Ukrainians themselves. The Czech is now very popular in the country and is one of its closest friends. All this was heard on Friday by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebyjnis, who was a guest on TN LIVE.

The Ukrainians were and are very grateful for the help they receive from the Czech Republic. This was stated by Ukrainian Ambassador Yevhen Perebyjnis, whose job has changed significantly since the start of the war. Now he has to be in almost constant contact with a number of Czech, Ukrainian and foreign institutions and their representatives. He handles dozens of phone calls every day and tries to negotiate additional support for the Ukrainian people.

In particular, it aims to ensure that Western countries guarantee a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Ground troops bravely resist, but Putin’s army has destructive air power. Civilian targets are targeted, innocent people die, including children. “We will take any solution that will allow us to stop the Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian cities,“, said Perebyjnis on TN LIVE.

We are not asking the armies of NATO countries to come to our territory, but at least to provide us with a no-fly zone,“He said a humanitarian air bridge to besieged cities like Mariupol would also make a significant contribution.”I hope that Russia will not attack planes carrying humanitarian aidadded the ambassador.

According to him, there are not too many other ways to fight Russia. Putin is also ignoring the decision of the United Nations International Court of Justice to stop the war. Nevertheless, the ambassador believes that the Russian president will be defeated. “The war against Ukraine will be Putin’s biggest mistake. The result will be a disaster for Russia as a state, I have no doubt,“, Perebyjnis said.

According to him, Russia will be forced to rebuild its state and its hopes on the basis of a democratic society. Until then, Ukraine will defend itself at the head of the president, whom now not only Ukrainians consider a hero. “We don’t have many examples of such determination of states in history,“The ambassador was full of praise, who admitted Zelenský’s strength surprised him.

The vision of Bohemia has changed

According to Perebyjnis, the Czech Republic became one of the leaders among the countries that managed to help Ukraine during the invasion of Ukraine. “We appreciate it very much,“He said that Ukrainians also perceive Czechia as one of their closest friends. According to him, Prime Minister Petr Fiala, who visited the dangerous area of ​​Kyiv, also made an important effort. “I thanked the Prime Minister. It is a courageous act by a true statesman, a true leader… He needed great determination. The situation in kyiv is very dangerous. We don’t know when a rocket or a bomb will arrive“he said.

Ukraine reportedly did everything in its power to ensure the safety of the representatives of the three countries who traveled to Ukraine. However, not all risks could be ruled out. “It was an important step and not just a symbolic one. I hope others will follow this courageous example of Prime Ministers“The ambassador said. As he added, when there are senior officials from other countries in Ukraine,”Russia needs to tone down bombing so it doesn’t ignite a conflict it’s not prepared for“.

The Czech Republic is very popular with Ukrainians today. However, according to the ambassador, refugees in the Czech Republic sometimes face unpleasant remorse. “They are ashamed that the Czechs have to sacrifice something to help the Ukrainians,Perebyjnis explained that at the same time he hopes that the Czechs do not perceive the help to the Ukrainians in this way.

According to him, Ukraine now needs, in addition to weapons, mainly fuel for the army and the emergency services, because supplies are very limited. Then drugs and food. Some cities are surrounded and need some humanitarian costs, although it is difficult to get anything from these places. “Food becomes a very important element,“The ambassador underlined, adding that he will discuss the continuation of humanitarian aid with representatives of the Czech government next week.

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