Sexy rocker, loving husband and dad, and philanthropist

When Jon Bon Jovi is mentioned, few people grope. Today, the 60-year-old rocker has been on the music scene since he was 13. With his band Bon Jovi, he topped the world charts, filled concert halls and sold tens of millions of records.

However, he also deserves admiration and respect for his activity in the field of philanthropy and the art of living, because he is unique among famous musicians: he married in 1989 and is still a happy couple with his wife. .

How did he become famous, why did he cut his hair and what did he do in his youth?

A slightly wilder adolescence

He was born in Perth Amboy and couldn’t afford New Jersey, so they named it their fourth album with the band. The singer with the birth name John Francis Bongi still lives here and is somewhat shamelessly called the Prince of New Jersey.

His father was a barber with Italian and Slovak ancestry, his mother a former waitress at the Playboy bar and a florist of German and Russian descent. From an early age, this attracted him to music and often he went to school with friendsso he can play. In high school, he was already performing in rock bars.

Although he is now seen as one of the most orderly men in show business, he excelled in his youth. He admitted that he was successful among local mistresses due to his good looks, and he liked it.


The rockers of the 80s had a beautiful mane

Jon + Dorothy = VLN

In 1989 he secretly married his sweetheart from Dorothea High School (59) and they have four children together. Early in his career he lived like a bohemian and was often on the road, missing many birthdays and school events, but soon realized what his priorities were.

Fans lined up for him, but he was never associated with any adventures. To this day, my wife, who is a professional karate teacher and restaurateur, has a beautiful marriage, in which, according to both, mutual respect is considered the most important thing.


He and his wife met in high school and, as they say, they grew up stronger and more mature together and side by side.

Stephanie’s eldest daughter (28) works in the entertainment industry, but nearly died in high school – in 2012 heroin overdose. The eldest son Jesse (27) has his own brand of rosé wine and runs a business together with his father (by the way, they also cooperate with the Czech Preciosa). Jake’s son (19) has a close relationship with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown (18). And the youngest Romeo (17) will soon be leaving for college.


The family likes to go to a social event together (left to right: Jesse, Dorothea, Jon, Stephanie, Romeo and Jake)

Musician from the age of 13

Before founding the group Bon Jovi in ​​1983, he played in other groups, helped his cousin in the studio and made contacts. The founding members of Bon Jovi were: Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora (62), Alec John Such (70), David Bryan (60) and Tico Torres (68).

Success was not long in coming: the hit Runaway (1984) reached the US TOP 40, the group won their first gold records in Japan and the USA, their third album Slippery When Wet (1986) then sold nearly thirty million. copies and the song Livin’ he and Prayer became the number one hit.

The band went on hiatus twice in the 90s and each member started their own projects. Jon Bon Jovi solved the crisis not only with solo albums, but also by getting a haircut.


Fans had to deal with the face change for a while, but they quickly recovered. The short haircut suits her very well. By the way, in 1996 People magazine named him one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world

But they always came back together in the end. They have released a total of 15 studio records, as well as live albums and various compilations, have sold a total of over 100 million, and are among the best-selling American rock bands. They gave almost three thousand concerts (they performed in the Czech Republic in 1993 and 2013).


Founding members of the Bon Jovi group (from left to right: Tico Torres, Richie Sambora, Alec John Such, David Bryan and Jon Bon Jovi)

It’s not just music that makes a person alive

Besides being a music star, he has repeatedly demonstrated acting talent. And not just in episodic roles. He appeared in the film Young Rifles II (1990), for which he also composed the award-winning song Blaze of Glory. He played the painter in the film Valentino (1995), in Send It on (2000) he played the rude Ricki and the musician in the romantic comedy Happy New Year (2011). He has also mounted roles in series, one for example Sex in town (1998–2004) or Ally McBeal (1997–2002).


With actress Katherine Heigl (43) in Happy New Year

sports enthusiast

Her passion is not only art, she is also famous sports fan. And in addition to appearing in major football leagues, playing in sports commercials or being invited to sports broadcasts, he was also the owner of a sports club. He is a sworn fan of the New England Patriots football team.


He likes to perform at championships, where he will support his team

Philanthropist and activist

He can enjoy the money he earns, but at the same time he is active in philanthropy. In 2006, he and his wife founded The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which helps people in need. In 2011, they opened JBJ Soul Kitchen, a community restaurant where people in need can eat, but they can also work as volunteers. Another similar restaurant was opened five years later. The project also includes a food bank, counseling centers and a cooking school.

He is also actively involved in politics, not that he himself is a candidate, but he is happy to support his favorites in the elections. He did it several times during the presidential election: he supported John Kerry in 2004 (78), in 2009 barack obama (60) or in 2016 Hillary Clinton (74). Barack Obama appointed him to the White House Community Services Board in December 2010.


It’s natural for him to help out and he likes to get hands-on in the kitchen.

Jon Bon Jovi wears gray, loves fashion and, as he said, he doesn’t mind getting old. When he looks back, he must be proud.

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