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When we look at the current strong wave of spontaneous solidarity with Ukrainian war refugees, we can be happy that our best selves are awakening. We are proud of our Prime Minister’s trip to Kyiv. We are touched by the stories of Ukrainian victims. However, it is not possible to assume that this rise will have a long-term, general and constant form in our country. Under the bridges, the pro-pro-servants bide their time. And not just those with direct ties to the Russians, there are useful idiots among them with deep-rooted plans from the normalization years. Their indulgent attitude towards Russia is part of their identity, including their dislike of the EU and the US.

Yesterday, in a restaurant in Prague, I listened to a conversation between two aging seladons, these guys from the spa. The long lunch ended with several glasses of vodka. One of them then got angry and said that there was no real war in Ukraine, because there are only twenty thousand victims! According to his colleague, the fault lies with the Ukrainian president, whom he described as a paid agent of the West. The West is said to have escalated the war by sending weapons to the Ukrainians. Why didn’t Zelensky give up a long time ago? They wondered. They cited as an example to follow Czechoslovakia after the Munich agreements as well as the reaction of the Communist Party leadership after the occupation in August 1968. According to them, this avoided unnecessary human and material losses. On the third strike, they criticized the alleged pro-Ukrainian propaganda and also paused on how the Purple government imagined it with so many refugees.

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The louder of the two concluded that there was no question of any direct help from NATO (as the biggest Russians, the Poles, want). After all, according to him, we can’t bury our economy and lose the business that Slavic boys talking to each other have built on each other for decades. I left devastated, knowing that this was an unwanted encounter with the other side of the Czech soul. I wondered at the tram stop how many of these people live in our country and where they are recruited from. From there, I think about it very intensely. And I also perceive that there are already peeks who want to make cynical money in war, just as they did in the peak phase of covid or in regime change after 1989. Their ideology of life is money, always and in all circumstances, ruthlessly and without restraint.

The Eastern Line was represented by our last two presidents. We were mostly indifferent to their trips to Rhodes to Putin’s accomplice, Jakunin. Until recently, Putin’s metals went almost unanswered. The BRI has written about increasing Russian and Chinese influence in our annual reports, but little has happened and has not changed. Milos Zeman made several outrageous statements in Moscow and Beijing and relativized, among other things, the Willow affair. His predecessor also fought for Russian interests by constantly questioning our affiliation with the West. He consciously denied himself. He has become an unofficial spokesperson for left-wing and so-called right-wing extremists. Until recently, the prime minister was a confidant of the StB and a former career communist. A man who has lived a double life all his life.

The Communist Party has sat in the state parliament for over thirty years and has also had an unbroken place in the state media. There has been no decommunization of society, even in the slightest form. Everything remained to the maximum in a few moralizing poses. The result was that we are not like them and what we appreciate is what we appreciate, and above all, that there is peace of mind at work.

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Some of the most powerful standardization comrades retained their economic power, such as Svatopluk Potáč or Alojz Lorenc. Both have been very active in helping to build powerful privatization empires. Elite officers of the StB (for example, Juraj Široký, co-founder of Harvard Investment Funds) were also part of the party, confidants of foreign trade companies and 100% of those registered in the KGB network in what was then Czechoslovakia, several thousand. Almost all of the candidates had close personal ties to Russia. Some deployed unencumbered young white horses or their offspring to fight over prey. Many graduates of the legendary Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) have held important positions in business, but surprisingly also in public administration.

Russia’s biggest companies had personal ties to the highest levels of Czech politics, and it’s not just Zeman’s Martin Nejedlý. For many years, Russia (as well as China) saw in us the territory of its sphere of influence, as a vestibule for them towards the West. Now is perhaps the last opportunity to analyze and describe this period in depth, at least to draw lessons from it. It is hard to believe today’s repentance of Miloš Zeman, who would have been wrong again as usual. Their actions speak for themselves, not the words.

When we are sometimes annoyed by certain messages in open discussions on the Internet, we must realize that these people are really among us and their beliefs, but even the direct and indirect powers (economic, media and political) will not simply give up. Among other things, they have successfully attempted to influence a wide range of civil society. Let’s not be fooled by the fact that they’ve taken their leave now. Russia (and her companions) are waging war with us, and not that they are not. If we don’t accept our own past (even the most recent), then we can relive it.

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