Is your relationship stalling at a standstill? 3 stories of women who found a solution – Dá

Most partnerships go through stages of development that more or less evolve the relationship. But sometimes partners get stuck at one point and don’t move forward, which can slowly lead to the end. How did these three women solve such a problem?

Typical phases of the relationship

From the perspective of experts, every partnership goes through roughly the same stages of development. At the beginning, he usually falls in love, which is a great motivation for him to move forward in time. The partners can then learn much more. Closeness, when we are completely relaxed and unforced next to each other, naturally allows us to know the avoided aspects of the nature of the partner.

At this stage, the initial ecstasy of love gradually fades. The rose-colored glasses fall off, and the partners can see each other’s flaws and shortcomings. If they manage to accept that their partner is not just perfection, love usually turns into mature love. But sometimes it happens that at a certain stage of its development the relationship freezes and, so to speak, goes away. How have some women coped with these periods?

Why do relationships change us? See the video:

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