How was Putin’s wedding? It’s awful, we can’t communicate, his wife Lyudmila complained to his girlfriend

Lyudmila was born in 1958 in the family of the tower Alexander Škrebnev and his wife Ekaterina in Kaliningrad, and in her youth she certainly did not think of becoming the first lady of the state – but who would have thought of such a thing like a child . She no longer doubted that she would perform in public as a child. Her dream was to act, so she also joined a theater group. But fate has prepared a very different future for him.

Tower, stewardess, nurse…

After high school, then 17-year-old Lyudmila followed in her father’s footsteps and passed filming tests, but she also worked as a postman, as a nurse, in charge of a children’s home, worked as an attendant and even as a stewardess in a national airline. However, the smart girl also studied, so in 1986 she graduated in philology – prose from Leningrand State University.

wedding on the river

By the time she graduated, Lyudmila had been married for three years to the future first man and de facto ruler of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. They met on the way to Leningrad, where she arrived with a friend. Vladimir took care of their cultural program and secured some seemingly much-needed concert tickets. Even though they exchanged phone numbers after three days, at first glance the love, at least at first glance, was not his love. “Little by little I got used to it, liked it and fell in love with it,” she later said.
The wedding vow was signed by Putins in Leningrad at the time, and the celebration took place on a boat on the Neva River. Already at that time, her husband had extensive work experience in the KGB secret service, similar to the then local StB. After all, they lived together for five years in the GDR, where he worked as a Soviet agent.

He promised but failed

But Putin apparently later promised his wife that he would end the activity. But promises are just promises. A few years later, Lyudmila, then the mother of Putin’s two daughters, confided to a friend that her husband had broken his promise to stay out of the world of spy services.when he became head of the Federal Security Service in 1998. “It’s awful, we can’t communicate with each other.” Lyudmila complained to her friend Irene Peach, who later published the book Fragile Friendship about Putin’s marriage. “We won’t be able to travel where we want, we can’t say what we want” she then regretted it.

In political notoriety

And then everything happened quickly. In the summer of 1999, she became the wife of the prime minister, and six months later the first lady of the great empire. However, she was not very happy with her new position, she did not comment on politics except for the occasional public support from her husband. She preferred to focus on subjects she had studied, such as maintaining the Russian language, as she opposed its reform at the time.

Russia woman face

But she seemed to take her role as first lady very seriously, realizing she was the “female face” of Russia, and tried to act on it. But she was not happy, and she appeared less and less alongside Putin. There was even talk in Russia that she could enter the monastery. But the truth was elsewhere: their marriage was coming to an end.

Ballet Divorce Notice

They announced the breakup together in the summer of 2013, quite uncharacteristically. They publicly spoke about the breakup of the Esmeralda ballet premiere in the Kremlin, where they said they had agreed to a divorce. It would be better to take advantage of such a moment to announce a happier event, but at least Ljudmile seems relieved. Six months later, they were officially divorced.

Wealthy former first lady and young husband

And how Ljudmila formerly Putinová, today Očeretná now? She married the influential Artur Očeretný, who is twenty years younger, runs a business on his own, and his income is certainly not low. She owns several properties, including the historical monument of the house of Prince Volkonsky, which she, according to critics, reconstructed and completed very insensitively. The former First Lady of Russia certainly hasn’t disappeared from wealthy Russian society, you just don’t see her on TV.

Source: ru.wikipedia, youtube

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