A Průše incubator or a space agency. Who settles in the dilapidated Nová Palmovka?

The saga around the Nová Palmovka building, which lasted for several years and was originally intended to have a town hall in Prague 8, but which never came to fruition due to disputes and various problems, unfolds.

The land under the unfinished billion twist will be taken over from the city district by the Prague City Hall, which will also complete the entire project through the Prague Development Company and at the same time cancel Prague 8 a debt of 250 million crowns from the loan of which the district of the city was to complete the building.

It will be decided what exactly will be in the building, the original design of which was developed by architect Josef Pleskot. What is certain is that the city has no intention of selling the building. The municipality is working with several versions of the continuation of the operation. In one of them, the involvement of private entities is also planned, which can help the city with the completion and then have a long-term guaranteed rent in the building.

“One of the possibilities is to announce a consensus procedure, where we would look for a partner in the realization who would commit to the long term and would use the property, or even deliver it himself and then pay rent to the city,” says city councilor for property Jan Chabr.

He also confirmed that the city continues to negotiate with, for example, 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research. The company’s owner and, according to Forbes, the 75th richest Czech, Josef Průša, expressed interest in using the building in September. “We like the place and would be interested,” Průša told Forbes at the time, noting that Palmovka would not only produce 3D printers and the company office, but also a larger workshop for the public.

According to Chabr, the city would also like such content. “It just came to our knowledge at the time. This is an innovative proposal as they also plan to set up a business incubator there. However, we have to meet the legal requirements and the choice of private partner must be transparent,” adds Chabr, adding that some real estate investors are also interested in the building.

Another option the city is currently negotiating is the headquarters of the European Union Space Program Agency (EUSPA), which is to move from its current headquarters on Captain Jaroš’s Quay to larger premises.

Unfinished Nova Palmovka

However, it is also possible that the municipality will move some organizations and businesses from the city to the completed construction, which now pays commercial rent, and the move to Palmovka would save the city money. According to Chabr, the content of Nová Palmovka will be decided in February or March next year. At the same time, the transfer of land to the city must be approved by a vote of the municipal council, which meets in mid-December.

The project to build the Nová Palmova complex in Prague 8 for around 1.1 billion crowns, which was to include the new town hall and originally also commercial premises, was approved in 2010. Due to uncertainties about to building ownership and disputes with the builder, which was resolved by the town hall. However, only a mournful monumental torso is still standing today.

The giant building was to house the modern headquarters of the Prague ambulance. However, this plan also ended due to delays.

All Palmovka is about to change

Depending on the municipality and the surroundings of the building under construction, a rich development awaits you. Private developers and Prague management have other plans for the venue, which is now rather neglected on the inner periphery of the city.

The municipality of Palmovka intends to build a multifunctional district with urban apartments, which will be built by the already mentioned Prague development company. It is currently preparing a multifunctional building project with some fifty urban rental apartments and commercial and administrative spaces.

A total of about 280 urban rental apartments and about ten thousand square meters are expected to be built there over a period of five to ten years, which can be used for administrative, commercial and non-commercial purposes. The project also includes an urban boulevard planted with trees, a public park and playgrounds and sports fields.

The city developer is also preparing a new square for Bohumil Hrabal, which will be built in the area between the existing bus station and Na Žertvách Street according to the design of the architects of the UNIT studio.

“Palmovka is very important for the development of the capital. It is a place where it is possible to build a completely new city district, which will not only provide a comfortable living environment, a working environment, shops and services , but also a quality public space in the form of a city boulevard, a large park and a playground,” says Deputy Mayor for Territorial Development Petr Hlaváček.

Gradually, the projects of private investors are also increasing in Palmovka. Together with Bohumil Hrabal Square, the multifunctional building Palmovka One is also to be built for more than a billion, designed by the architects of the Obermeyer Helika studio and whose investor is Landia Management with the Discovery group.

The project will create approximately three hundred apartments and 6,000 square meters of commercial space. Construction is expected to begin within two years.

A little further, the central group of Dušan Kunovský is building the Zenklov residential complex with more than 150 apartments, which is due to be completed by the middle of next year. Earlier, for example, Metrostav also built several stages of the Palmovka Open Park office project around the Palmovka metro station for around 1.5 billion crowns. In 2019, the Metrostav complex was sold to the Austrian group Immofinanz for two billion.

And even closer to the Vltava and the Libeň Bridge is the almost completed large-scale quay project, which is being built by the development company Crestyl for a total of seven and a half billion. Individual apartment buildings are already there, and the final Dock in Five office building remains to be completed, which is expected to be completed in the second half of next year.

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