8 Types of Men It’s Nice to Meet Before You Find the Right One

Do you have a clear idea of ​​what your life partner should be like and you don’t want to waste time with someone else? Big mistake! Dating, getting to know different types of men and learn to compromiseWhen we are not tuned to the same note, it is essential.

Each relationship will enrich you, teach you something new, and even if Prince Jason and the father of your children do not show up with the person in question, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what you need from men so that you can get to know the good one and not let them go. Sometimes a few meetings are all it takes and you know it’s all wrong. But it’s also important, because then it’s easier to know when everything is going well.

1. Opposite

they say that Opposites attractAlthough most people have the opposite experience. You can definitely learn a lot from yourself and broaden your horizons. Your dream vacation is relaxing on the beach and he prefers walking in the mountains? You may find that active relaxation isn’t bad at all. It’s unlikely that you’ll ultimately decide to grow old with your exact opposite, but you’ll definitely gain some interesting experience. And you will find out how willing you are to compromise on the relationship.

2. Sports enthusiast

Relationship with sports enthusiast? You will definitely be fit. You may find over time that such a partner just won’t get along if you occasionally relax on the couch with a bowl of nuts and a romantic movie, but you will continue to benefit from the relationship with him or her. ‘to come up. You’ll know the best bike paths you won’t perceive the machines in the gym as tools of torture and you can lecture on proteins and burners.

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He will go to train after a day of cycling and I will go home to rest. Or maybe I’ll look for someone calmer…

3. Sensitive

Men are often blamed for this they can’t express their feelings and discussions about the future of the relationship are foreign to them. And then you meet a guy who often and happily talks about his emotions. Good change, at least for a while. Of course, sensitive doesn’t mean hypersensitive or whiny. It is therefore possible that after an hour of analysis of a demanding day (but not yours), you want to marry a silent hermit.

4. A man with a cultural outlook

Does a partner love art? You have something to look forward to. From a passionate photographer you will spend wonderful moments, an avid reader will broaden your literary horizons, a cinephile will make you discover cinematic gems and a visit to the theater will become a whole new experience with an expert. The problem may arise when you want to let go series in Bridgerton (2020-22) and you get criticism and misunderstandings.

5. Significantly younger or older

Age is just a number? Researchers still can’t agree on the age difference between partners, but the truth is that old/young relationships have the best chance of lasting. But there are exceptions, of course. what will it give you relationship with a younger partner? Lots of fun, relaxation and the opportunity to be active. How can a relationship with a much older partner benefit? Such a man has foresight, self-confidence and experience and is generally self-assured.

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He was born when I was in CM2, but he’s funny. And when he’s done school, he’ll contribute to my rent

6. A chat partner

Is love really blind, as they say? Is appearance important in a relationship? We leave this to individual discretion. But you might know a man who isn’t exactly your physical type, even though you totally understand him. Give it a chance and enjoy hours and hours of conversation, laughter and well-being. And maybe you do you can build an animal attraction.

7. Naughty Boy

Rebel, whore, bastard? The guy a virtuous girl falls in love with in women’s novels and her love makes him unrecognizable. What woman hasn’t dreamed at least for a while and experienced a similar story in her imagination? These untamed gentlemen may not be suitable followers for marriageBut the relationship with them is exciting and full of tension. Even if you don’t take them to a family lunch, you will have a great time with them. They can do it with women, they’ll make you feel like a complete goddess for a while, and they’ll awaken a shameless savage in you in bed.

8. Good Boy

He makes coffee in bed in the morning, picks you up from work in the evening, or waits for dinner at home. He is interested in your condition and what you would like to do on the weekend. He rarely spends his evenings away from home and is trusted. He’s just a good boy. And this is necessary from time to time. It may not be great excitement, but rather quiet, you may get bored over time, but every woman deserves to be at the center of her husband’s universe.

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